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Packing House Cleaning

Packing House 

Antibacterial cleaning and sanitation on a regular schedule is the basis for success  in the fruit and vegetable industry.

Green Life  Group has developed a series of products for the  packing house including equipment and the storage areas. 

They are  powerful  with very strong sanitizer and cleaning elements, non-chlorinated,  water based, non-tainting, free  rinsing and streak free. 

Using Green Up materials reduces decay and prolongs the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables.

   Drenching Trucks Upon Arrival 

The first rinsing of the fruits or vegetables, the containers and the truck takes place when the agricultural products arrive at the packing house. The trucks with the products are drenched with a Green Up product which minimizes the amount of contaminates before entering the packing house.  

Washing Process

When the produce is unloaded at the packing house before being graded and sorted it is washed in tubs in order to remove aphids and other microorganisms from the peel of the fruit or vegetable. This is one of the important processes to prevent decay of the produce on its way to the final consumer. The Green Life product developed especially for this wash does not use any poisonous or dangerous components that would make it unsuitable for the user or the environment.

 Rinse Before Packaging

The produce that leaves immediately from the packing house for sale goes through a final rinse with water. Green Life Company has developed a product that is added to the final water rinse. This lessens decay of the product during the time it is packed, delivered and also prolongs shelf life. It does this by destroying the agents responsible for the decay but does it in such a way that there is no danger to the user or the environment.

Refrigeration Facilities

Refrigerated storage rooms serve an important function in storing produce until it is sent to market. The importance of strict cleanliness in the storage rooms prevents infection of the produce from various pests and prevents decay. Green Up products provide an active treatment against such pests and organisms. The cleaning agents do not cause corrosion and are not dangerous to the user or the environment.

 Fogging Container

The level of cleanness of the containers that finally take the agricultural produce to their final destinations is what decides in what shape the produce will be delivered. Green Life Company has developed a process of disinfection using fogging in two stages. First the container itself and then the container with its contents are fogged before being sealed for transport. This system lets the produce arrive at its final destination with almost no decay and dramatically improves the shelf life of the fruits and vegetables.

The Result

  On right, the result five weeks after using 

  Green Up  F&V  and Green Up Shine.


The differet results in storage after using     Green Up F&V (left) and not using it.


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