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Baby Laundry Gel

Baby Green Toys and Surface Cleaner

Baby Green Up Laundry Gel

Green Up for Babies is the Solution.

Baby Green Up Laundry Gel is a concentrated gel for laundering clothes including softener. It is an antibacterial, ecological water based product that is readily biodegradable. Green Up Laundry Gel specializes in its ecological water based Gel for washing, cleaning , dissolves and removes oils and fatty acids which achieves anti-bacterial cleaning. It does not damage metal, rubber or plastic.

This gel includes a softening agent so there is not need to add another product at the end of the washing cycle. It leaves a pleasant odor to the laundry. It is suitable for all kinds of washing machines and for all varieties of washable fabrics.​This cleaning product is water based and includes a mixture of active natural ingredients which dissolve oils and grease. None of the ingredients is animal based and the product was not tested on animals. Green Life Group is against animal testing of their products. This product is for external use only and not to be ingested.

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