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The Products


Green life group


Green Life Group is a company devoted to developing and marketing ecological products for home
use, environmental sanitation, and treatment in various industries such as food, oil and others. The cleaning and purification products which the company produces and markets are based on green bio- material which is friendly to the environment and to the individuals who use them. The development, testing and adaption of these green products is done by a team consisting of Green Life Group engineers and Development Team. The products are uniquely developed to handle the growing need for cleaning and sanitizing ecological materials in today’s world. The team of engineers conducts research and development, provides technical support and instruction in order to answer market needs. Our products are antibacterial, water based cleaning products, which are readily biodegradable and ecologically acceptable. Their components are broken down by the microorganisms in the sewerage treatment and do not become an environmental polluting factor. They dissolve and eliminate various types of fats dirt, grime and waste.

The Sources


The Products

Our products are concentrated antibacterial water-based cleaning products which are readily biodegradable and ecologically acceptable. Can be broken down by the microorganisms in the sewerage treatment.
Do not become an environmental polluting factor. Have the ability to dissolve, detach and eliminate various types of fats, dirt, grime and waste. Bacteria constitute a large group of unicellular microorganisms which are capable of rapid growth. They are present in almost every place. Not all bacteria are dangerous. We are interested in those which are dangerous to humans.
Green Up Antibacterial has the ability to take care of these dangerous bacteria. Any place sick people congregate creates a greenhouse for bacteria. Cleaning and disinfecting need to be unceasing in these areas in order to prevent widespread infection. The problem of bacteria resistance to antibiotics is growing and getting worse. It is known that today there are strains of bacteria that have developed resistance to most of the antibiotic agents through an evolutionary process The bacteria cell is surrounded by a lattice which protects the contents. Without this protective covering called the Sacculus the bacteria cannot survive and disintegrate. Green Up products which attach to this covering dissolve it since it is made of a fatty substance and thus kill the bacteria.
Green Up products are effective against a wide range of different viruses and bacteria.

Main Characteristics

These products are powerful aqueous cleaners for many uses and purposes. They clean, disinfect, remove and dissolve fats, soil and dirt including burnt fats, grease, soot, charcoal, coal and sludge.
They eliminate bacteria, microorganisms (fungus and mold), and have an herbal natural plant essence.
They are environmental and user friendly. They conform to European Standard EN1276. Tested to the Israeli standard 1944. Antibacterial Green Up products give an efficient answer to the wide range destruction of bacteria. The products are ecological and not dangerous to humans or the environment. Their use is simple and effective.



     Soil removal

     Emulsifier potential

     Plastic compatibility

     Foaming properties Filing properties

     Anti streaking

     Skin compatibility

Active mechanism Green Up

First stage - Examine the dirty surface and identify the dirt that should be removed.

Second stage - Reduce the interfacial tension between the water phase the variety dirt, Reducing the grains & dirt into tiny particles from the surface.

Third stage - wrap the dirt with hydrophobic units and absorb it in the water as a suspension - at the same time the hydrophobic units are linked to the water.
Forth stage - the microscopic tiny particle of dirt – wrapped by the Green up micelles or removed from the treated surface.

Fifth stage - Process of breaking down fatty chains. Disinfection process.

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