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Fogging  For Agriculture



Closed storage places such as refrigerator rooms and warehouses for agricultural produce, dairy products, meat and other food products are an integral part of the human food cycle. The biggest enemy here is decay and decomposition of the food stored and corrosion of the structure in which it is being held. Decay is a process in which the biological matter disintegrates due to microorganisms such as bacteria and fungus. Corrosion of the building where the food is stored is caused by the use of aggressive materials such as chlorine, acids and others to preserve this agricultural product. Our product Green Up Fog excels in its ability to deal with this problem with a wide spectrum antibacterial agent. After treatment with Green Up Fog shelf life of fruits and vegetables is lengthened and other food products stored in the warehouse experience a similar extension.  Green Up Fog is non-flammable, not poisonous and does not emit noxious gases or the synthetic smells found in chemical cleaning materials. It does not cause corrosion of the building structure or the equipment in the refrigerated rooms or storage areas. Green Up Fog destroys bacteria, fungus and mold microorganisms. It leaves a pleasant herbal smell.



Fogging in the Refrigerated Rooms

Fogging for fruits and vegetables in the refrigerated rooms is done so as to provide a clean area that is also bacteria and fungus free. Disinfection is done by fogging the refrigerated room using Green Up Fog. This can be done using two different methods.

Safety measures must be taken by the employee working in a fogged environment.

Permanent Fogging

Permanent fogging is done by adding Green Up Fog in a concentration of 10-20% to the water container that is the right size to provide moisture for the room.

Occasional Fogging

Occasional fogging is done by a fogging system that is introduced to the refrigerated room for this purpose. The system can be permanent or temporary in accordance with the specific need. For every 100 square meters you need 1 liter which is made up of 10% Green Up Fog and the rest water. Each treatment depends on the size of the room. In order to shorten the time spent in fogging you can change the ratio to 20% of Green Up Fog to each liter for 200 square meters of space.

In scheduling the fogging you must decide which room is the best for this procedure. For example, you have to decide if you use fogging at the end of the working day or intend to store the produce for an extended period of time without people going in and out of the room. If you have a closed room for storage you need to fog twice a week. For a ripening room you need fogging every day.

Green Up Fog is effective for up to 60 days. In any case fogging should not be used longer than this period.

Green Up Fog is an ecological product. It is not poisonous, not corrosive and does not leave residue. The product does not harm people, fruits and vegetables or anything else.

Appropriate work clothes, protective glasses and face masks are advised.

For any questions or instruction please contact the company representative.

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