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Green Up Guidelines and Recommendations



Use of Green Up Products in the Packing House

Procedures to be followed for implementing the guidelines and recommendations:

  • Cleaning and preparation of the refrigeration rooms.

  • Proper maintenance of the refrigeration rooms.

  • Cleaning and preparation of the work space.

  • Proper maintenance of the work space.

  • Cleaning the fruits and vegetables during the grading process.

  • Cleaning the waxing apparatus.

  • Cleaning products without scent.

  • Grease and oil cleaner which is ecological and non-corrosive for general maintenance.

Cleaning and Preparation of Refrigeration Rooms

It is important to thoroughly clean the walls, ceiling and floors in order to prepare the refrigeration rooms for receiving the produce.

How the cleaning is done:

  • Spray all surfaces with Green Up D full strength (not diluted).

  • Leave on for about 10 minutes.

  • Power spray the various surfaces.

  • Wait until all surfaces are dry.

  • Spray again all surfaces with Green Up D full strength (not diluted).

  • Full fogging to end the cleaning process.


Continuing Maintenance of the Refrigeration Rooms

After cleaning the refrigeration rooms and storing the produce you must continue to keep the air clean and free from bacteria and fungi throughout the entire storage cycle.

This cleaning and maintenance is done by fogging the rooms for appropriate periods of time.

Usually the fogging is done using Green Up Fogger in a 15% concentration.

The frequency of  the fogging and its duration have to be determined by the size of the room and the amount of daily activity in the room.


  • The amount of fogging is 5 liters solution for an area of up to 1000 sq. meters.

  • Fogging should be done once every 96 hours for rooms in which produce is in long storage and there is no entering and exiting the room.

  • Fogging should be done once every 48 hours for rooms in which there is some activity and new produce is taken in or added.

  • Fogging should be done once every 24 hours for rooms in which there is continuous activity and new produce is added.


Cleaning and Preparing the Work Areas

Keeping the working spaces of the packing house clean and sanitized provides an added bonus for the finished product. The cleanliness of the general area lessens the opportunity for bacteria and fungus in the working area.

When transitioning from one type or one variety of produce to another it’s necessary to renew the process of cleaning the working areas.

Cleaning and sanitizing is done by spraying the surfaces and working apparatus, including fork lifts and conveyers, containers for storage and transfer, walls of the structure and all the infrastructure such as water pipes, electrical outlets, drainage pipes, etc.

Spray with Green Up D diluted with 50% water.


Continuous Maintenance of the Work Areas

In order to continue to keep the area clean in the packing house while work is progressing it is recommended  to perform maintenance cleaning at the end of the workday.

This cleaning is done by fogging the entire space.

The area can be fogged using the fogger which is used in the refrigeration rooms if the space can be completely closed.

This fogging is done using the same methods of fogging refrigeration rooms, that is using a solution of 15% Green Up Fogger/water —5 liters of solution for an area of 1000 sq. meters.

You can also do the fogging using hothouse foggers (line foggers).  In this case use Green Up F&V in a concentration of 5%/water and let it operate for about 20 minutes at the end of the workday.


Cleaning Fruit and Vegetables During the Selection Process

Green Up F&V is the cleaning product used throughout the selection process.

A concentration of 5%/water is used by dripping (instead of various soaps), spraying or soaking (instead of various products based on chlorine etc.).

It is possible to use one container of prepared solution for all the different procedures done.


Treatment of the Waxing System

Green Up Wax Off is made especially for cleaning the parts which come in contact with wax. Spray the surfaces, rollers, brushes, strainers, etc. with the product at full strength (no dilution). It will break up the layer of wax which is then easily removed by rinsing with water.

This product is very effective at removing stickers which are attached during the selection process.


Cleaning Products Without Scent

The equipment, facility and packing house for the export of produce must be odor-free and use cleaning products that are odor-free.

GreenUp Ecological Soap is produced in a specific odor-free version. It is also possible to get odor-free Laundry Gel for this purpose.


Green Up for Oil and Grease Remover

Our ecological Green Up Forte for oil and grease remover can be used for all kinds of maintenance cleaning such as oil spills (of motors or equipment),  removing filth in garbage areas and many others.

The product is completely non-corrosive and can be used on all interior surfaces of every kind of material in the packing house.

For oil and greases cleaning  use dilution of 10% -20%  of product dilute with clean water only, or consult the company for special treatment.  After using it, just rinse with water.


Please contact our company for support for any questions and information about our other products.

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