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The product - Green up ABV (anti-bacterial & anti virial) is a safe, water based, non-chlorinated nonalcoholic biodegradable disinfectant (antibacterial and antiviral) product.

Application - Green up ABV designed to disinfecting houses, floors, halls, closed public spaces, skin, and more. Green up ABV is effective against a wide range of microorganisms including Gram positive/negative bacteria, viruses, pathogenic food related bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Green up ABV is a non-tainting, free rinsing, streak free, sanitizer for food environments, where the sterilization of surfaces is also required. Green up ABV is ideal for
disinfecting by fogging systems. As this product contains an Amphoteric biocide and has been evaluated for activity according to BS:6471 using E.
Coli, salmonella and as test organism, in addition it has significant eliminating effects against various types of viruses.


Safety - Green up ABV is harmless for plastic, metals, stainless-steel surfaces, wood, skin and more. Green up ABV is an environment friendly product made from renewable raw materials - glucose derived from corn and fatty alcohols from coconut and palm kernel oils. Due to its natural chemistry, this product is very mild, low in toxicity and readily biodegradable.

Green Life Group

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