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Green Life Group

New Products for Urban life


Green Life Group


Green Life Group is a company devoted to developing and marketing ecological products for home use and for environmental sanitation. We produce products for various sectors of the population such as hospitals and industries including the food, oil and agriculture industries as well as others. The cleaning and purification products which the company produces and markets are based on green bio-material which is eco-friendly to the individuals who use them. The Green Up Series of products was created to replace products that are based on toxic chemicals and pollutants.The development, testing and adaption of these green products have been done by a team consisting of Green Life Group engineers in Israel.Green Life Group strives to preserve and protect the environment and human health for a better future and a better life.




There is a shortage of public toilets in many places in the city . Using outdoor or indoor areas as urinals (or worse) produces bad smells and can cause infection.  The same problem exists in places where garbage is collected.  Our company has developed an ecological product which spray cleans and disinfects (against E.coli, salmonella,  listeria and more) and stops bad smells. The product is not dangerous and provides an efficient solution to this problem while effectively guarding the public’s health



Public transportation provides service to a large population. The concentration of pollutants is naturally high in these situations and it is important to keep the common areas disinfected. Green Life Group has developed an ecological product for use as a fogging system. A bus or railway car can be quickly disinfected and left with a pleasant smell. The effective cost is low and is faster and cheaper than other methods.



Public transport seats get dirty quickly and replacing upholstery is costly. We have developed a low cost product that can clean upholstery quickly and restore it to the appearance of new upholstery while also disinfecting it. Not only is it low in cost but also is not dangerous to use.

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