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Anti Bacterial Cleaning

Green Up Antibacterial is the solution.

Any place sick people congregate creates a greenhouse

for bacteria. Cleaning and disinfecting need to be unceasing in these areas in order to prevent widespread infection. Green Up Antibacterial cleans, disinfects and annihilates bacteria. Its use is not dangerous for the user and does not cause damage or pollute the environment.

 Green Up  Antibacterial Series Products


Bacteria constitute a large group of unicellular microorganisms which are capable of rapid growth. They are present in almost every place.

Not all bacteria are dangerous. We are interested in those which are dangerous to humans. Green Up Antibacterial has the ability to take care of these dangerous bacteria.

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Public  Clinic


Dental Clinic


Sick people that visit clinics or doctors' offices leave a wide range of bacteria  there.    

Patients coming to the clinics encounter a real risk of being contaminated by these bacteria. Use of  Green Up Antibacterial products as a cleaner and disinfector will significantly reduce the danger of this happening. 

Dental clinics are similar to a surgical unit in that the patient and staff are exposed to infectious material. Ensuring a high level of cleanness and sanitization is of upmost importance. Use of Green Up Antibacterial products provides you with an effective answer to this problem. The products enable you to protect clinical equipment. They are not dangerous to the user or the environment and do no damage.



Hospitals constitute the largest concentration of different types of bacteria, some of which have developed resistance to medicine and antibiotics. They have become permanent dwellers there. Some hospitalized patients develop infections which are caused by these resistant strains of bacteria and this causes a serious problem which could be fatal. Use of Green Up Antibacterial products gives you an effective answer to this problem.

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