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Fruits and Vegetables


 Green Up Fruits and Vegetables




Fruits and vegetables form an important part of mankind’s food cycle. The biggest enemy of fruits and vegetables is decay. Decay is the process in which biological material is decomposed by microorganisms such as bacteria and microscopic fungi.Green Up Fruits and Vegetables is superior in its ability to dissolve and remove oils in a variety of fatty acids and effectively achieve anti-bacterial cleaning of a wide range of micro-organisms including gram positive/negative bacteria, pathogenic food related bacteria, yeasts and microscopic fungi. After treatment by Green Up Fruits and Vegetables - the shelf life of fruits and vegetables is lengthened.

Green Up F&V is not flammable, does not emit poisonous gases or synthetic smells which are typical of chemical cleaning agents. 

Green Up F&V destroys a wide range of bacteria, microorganisms, fungi and mould while leaving a refreshing scent.

Green Up F&V is especially suitable for cleaning and disinfecting fruits and vegetables.

Green Up F&V is very mild, non-toxic and readily biodegradable.

Green Up F&V is freandly for users and Eco-freandly for the invirontmen. 


The product is not poisonous. The product does not endanger the respiratory tracts of the user and does not leave any trace of the product on the hands after use. The product is not flammable. It is based on natural green components. It does not require special precautions by the user. The product decomposes naturally and is biodegradable. It is not corrosive and does not causes damage to equipment. 

The product is incombustible.

 The product does not make any corrosion and not causes damage to the equipment.

Green Up  F&V specialize and excellence in a perfect ability to dissolve, detach, and remove fats in various structures

of fats acid and waste Contradict bad smells, rotten and fermentation next to garbage can     

Does not risk the breathing way does not leave marks on skin or hands.

Not toxic , not flammable. Not containing carbon- solvent

Does not discharge toxic gas or synthetics smell that’s typical to cleaners.  

Does not attacking the surfacesn of metals,plastic including stainless steel.

Not staining does not leave remained, shining and sparkling.  Applicable on wet surfaces                                 

Can be diluted and lessened with clean water.



Green Up   fruits and vegetables is concentrate material

Not to add, to the diluted and/or to mix with any material except water 

Green Up fruits and vegetables can be diluted   at 7 to 10 percent with water

Wash the vegetable or fruit for a few minutes.

Rinse in clean water. The fruit and vegetables are ready for use or to be stored.

The product is also suitable for use in automatic foam spray units.

Not to heat and not to work on very warmish surfaces.

To dunk the fruit or the vegetable during few minutes in the mixture which was prepared

To rinse in the clean water and fruit either vegetable are ready to the use or to the storage.

For Maximum utilization of product use it is recommended to get advice and guidance from

company representatives.


For external use only. Not to be eaten or swallowed. Avoid contact with eyes. In the event of contact with the eyes rinse properly

in clean water. In the event of swallowing concentrated Green Up F&V, drink a large amount of water or milk and seek medical attention. Avoid from contact of children. Avoid exposure of the material to extreme temperatures. Guard the tank is closed and besieged there is rescued and closed                                                 



Green Up Fruits and Vegetables is water-based and contains a mixture of natural materials that are produced from plants and silicates. Green Up Fruits and Vegetables is made from renewable raw materials–glucose derived from corn and fatty alcohols

from coconut and palm kernel oils. None of the components are animal based. All the components decompose in nature and fit

the definition of biodegradable.

Appearance                                             Clear colorless liquid
Density                                                     1.06

Flash Point                                                None 

Solubility in water                                      Immiscible

Color                                                         Pale Colored

Odor                                                         Barely perceptible odor

Density                                                     1.06

Flash Point                                               None

Flammability                                             None

Flammable Boiling Temperature/range   >100 C

Solubility in water                                     Immiscible 


For full health and safety data please refer to our specific MSDS Sheet, which is available upon request.


18 liter, 205 liter barrels, 1000 liter canister


 2 Years from date of manufacture


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