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Green Up Hoof Cleaner


General Description

Cows are hoofed animals. Their hooves are covered with a layer of horn which is always growing, similar to human nails.

Since cows are housed in barns in which bacteria and fungi are present their hooves become infected. The hoof infection is painful,

causing lameness and adversely affecting  milk production. 
Constant attention must be given to lessen or prevent several different serious infections to the hooves.
The Green Life Group Company has developed a special ecological cleaning liquid which is targeted for cow barns and pens.

The continuing use of this material will decrease hoof disease of cows and indirectly will help increase milk production

Product Features

GREEN UP HOOF is a nonchlorinated, water based degreaser and oil dispersant, which has proved to be a versatile cleaning

agent in dairy farms for cleaning milking equipment and milk containers 
GREEN UP HOOF Does not damage rubber, plastic, metal or stainless steel surfaces
GREEN UP HOOFIs made from renewable raw materials –glucose derived from corn, and fatty alcohols
from coconut and palm kernel oils due to its natural chemistry, This product is very mild, low in toxicity
and readily Biodegradable


Hoof Cleaner is excellent in its ability to completely decompose. It dissolves and eliminates many different fats and
oils as well as waste.
·         Alleviates bad odors from decay and fermentation
·          Protects the environment and is readily biodegradable
·          Protects the soil and does not cause a risk to ground water.
·          Protects the sewage system and cleans drainage areas
·          Is not dangerous to breathe and does not damage airways or lungs
·          Is not toxic or inflammatory.
·          Does not emit poisonous gases and doesn’t have the synthetic smell of cleaning products.
·          Is biodegradable using the micro-organisms which are in waste water.
·         Does not damage rubber, plastic, metal or stainless steel surfaces.


Directions For Use 
For treatment of hoof infection the cleaner can be sprayed on the hoof or it can be dipped in a solution of 1:2 parts water:cleaner.

No other material should be mixed in with this.
The cleaner solution should not be heated or used on very hot surfaces. The hooves should be sprayed from above 2-3 times a week.
After the spraying there is no need to rinse with water. Use until the hoof is completely cleaned. As a preventative measure spraying with  Green Up Hoof Cleaner should be done once or twice a week.
For dipping use 1+3 parts water: cleaner. Any more dilution will impair the performance and effectiveness.


Preventive Measures
Use only in open areas. This product is not edible and preventive measures should be taken to protect eyes and skin. In case of contact, wash the area with a large amount of clean water. In case of ingestion, drink a large amount of water or milk and seek medical assistance.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Keep the container closed and locked in a shaded enclosed area. Protect the cleaner from exposure to extremely high temperature.



The outstanding corrosion protection and low additive depletion results in less maintenance and repair costs.


Physical Properties

Appearance:                                      - CLEAR COLOURLESS  LIQUID
pH @ 5% DILUTION                          -             8-10
Density                                               -             1.02
Flash Point                                         -              None              


This is a water-based product which contains a mixture of natural active components produced from plants and silicates.

None of the ingredients is produced from animals. All ingredients are fully biodegradable.

Health And Safety

For full Health and Safety data please refer to our specific MSDS Sheet, which is available on Product list.                                               

Pack Sizes 

18 liter, 205 liter barrels, 1000 liter canister 

Shelf Life   

3 Years from date of manufacture







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