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Green Up Floor Cleaner




This is a concentrated cleaning and polishing floor cleaner which also disinfects and is antibacterial.      
It is water based, ecological and readily biodegradable. It is suitable for cleaning, sanitizing and polishing all kinds of flooring including ceramic,
granite, procelain, marble, terrazzo, linoleum, PVC, cement, wood deck, colored and metal surfaces.

It dissolves and removes dirt, fats and oil. It eliminates bad smells. It does not discharge toxic gas or have the synthetic harsh smell typical to cleaners.
It does not interfere with or damage breathing airways. It is not toxic or flammable and does not redden or hurt the skin or hands.  
It doesn't contain carbon solvents or caustic soda.  It doesn't damage surfaces such as stainless steel, plastic or rubber.
It doesn't contain SLS and is not foamy. It won't leave a greasy or sticky layer on the surface and is not slippery.
It can be applied to wet surfaces.
It is antibacterial and kills micro-organisms, mold and fungus.



Benefits of Use
    No danger to persons using this product by inhaling toxic fumes or toxic chemicals.
    Use of a smaller amount of material to clean a large area since it's a very effective cleaner.
    Less time is needed to clean with this product.
    No need to use water and/or soap after applying this product.
    Lessens the wear of the floor surface since it isn't being attacked by chemical cleaners.




Green Up Floor Cleaner is liquid. Don't heat or mix with other liquids other than water. Dilute 1 liter of concentrate in 10 liters of regular water (1:10).To use with a floor washer: spray or pour a thin layer of diluted Green Up Floor Cleaner and start the machine filled with water only! Use in a regular sequence: wash/scrub- wipe/suck and collect. To use in a manual wash: spray or pour a thin layer of diluted Green Up Floor Cleaner on the floor and scrub with a broom, brush or wipe off with a cloth according to the size and type of surface you are cleaning. Regular use of this product will lessen the amount of material needed for cleaning and sanitizing.




For external use only. Not to be eaten or swallowed. Avoid contact with  eyes.

In the event of contact with the eyes rinse properly in clean water.

In the event of swallowing concentrated Green Up Floor Cleaner drink a large amount of water or milk and seek medical attention.

Avoid contact by children.

Store the closed bottle in a shaded place.

Avoid exposure of the material to extreme temperatures.




Blend of surfactants from natural sources, sequestrants and  silicates. 

Non caustic readily biodegradable water based heavy duty degreaser and oil dispersant.

None of the components are animal based.  The liquid does not contains minerals or fats from animals.

Green Life Group is against experiments on animals and does not include in its products animal based components.

All the components decompose in nature and fit the definition of biodegradable.



Appearance:                                   -             CLEAR COLOURLESS OR RED LIQUID
pH @ 5% DILUTION                        -            10-11
Density                                            -             1.1

Flash Point                                       -             None    




This is a water based product which contains a mixture of natural active components produced from plants and silicates.

None of the ingredients is produced from animals. All ingredients are fully biodegradable.



For full Health and Safety data please refer to our specific MSDS Sheet, which is available on product list.                                               


18 liter, 205 liter barrels, 1000 liter canister 
Shelf Life    3 Years from date of manufacture                                                                                                   

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