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Hospital Disinfection Cleaning System  




The Product

Green Up ABV is a water based liquid for cleaning and disinfecting. It is antibacterial, ecological, powerful, readily biodegradable product for wide range of bacteria and viruses extermination.  

Green Up dissolves every variety of all carbon chains. 

The adaptive aspect of this product allows it to be used effectively against various oil based acids.

Green Up’s Use on Bacteria

The problem of resistance of bacteria to antibacterial products is growing. It is known today of strains of bacteria that have developed resistance to most of the antibacterial substances used against them. The Green Up range of antibacterial products provide an answer to destroying these germs in a wide range of areas. The products are ecological, non-poisonous and not dangerous to man or his environment. Their action is simple and effective. 

Green Up’s Use on Corona Virus

This specialized product has been tested and the results show a complete destruction of the Corona virus with no damage to the body cells.This is a worldwide breakthrough for cleaning and sanitizing the personal area with out harming people. This Israeli ABV ecological disinfectant cleaner is not dangerous to humans and disperses in nature without leaving poisonous aftereffects.

Product Testing

Determination of the Bacterial Activity of Green Up when tested against MRSA, Salmonella typhimurium and Listeria monocytogenes  using the European Standard Test method BS EN 1276:1997


According to EN 1276:1997 Green Up possesses bactericidal activity in 5 minutes at ambient temperature (23-25⁰ C   73.4-77⁰F) under clean conditions (0.3g/l bovine albumin) and dirty conditions (3g/l bovine albumin) for the three bacteria under tests, Salmonella typhimurium (ATCC 14028), Listeria monocytogenes (ATCC 7644) and Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA, ATCC 43300).


Cleaning and Disinfecting Hospitals

·        Hospitals have a big concentration of different varieties of bacteria, some of which have developed resistance to antibacterial and antiviral medications and have become permanent residents.

·        Patients in hospitals develop infections that are caused by these bacteria which leads to complications and sometimes death.

·        Use of Green Up products which are antibacterial gives an active answer to this problem.


Cleaning Hospitals Using Green Up Products

·        These products do not cause environmental damage.

·        These products have been approved as being non-poisonous.

·        These products meet the British standards and those of the European Common Market.

·        These products are safe for use and do not require any use of special protective covering.

General Cleaning  Using Green Up ABV

·        For public places. This natural product without detergents effectively cleans and sanitizes floors, lavatories, showers, faucets, elevators, garbage cans, etc.

·        Cleaning with Green Up AB is done using existing equipment.

·        Use a combination of 2 liters Green Up AB to 3 liters water.

·        Effect lasts 72-96 hours.

Equipment Cleaning

Green Up ABV used as a spray or a soak for:

·        Medical and general equipment

·        Cabinets

·        Beds

·        Mattresses

·        Medical apparatus


Cleaning and Sterilizing the Air Circulation System

Green Up ABV Fogging System

·        Used as a fog by a built-in fogger

·        Cleaning and sanitizing of air ducts

·        Disperses pleasant odor

·        Natural ingredients, does not contain detergents

·        Does not harm metal, plastic, rubber or other material.

Cleaning and Sterilizing Hospital Rooms

Green Up ABV

·        Used as a spray or fogging agent by a portable fogger

·        Time for sanitizing hospital room is about 2 hours

o   Fog for 20 minutes

o   Time for sanitizing about an hour

o   Airing the room about half an hour

Food Preparation and Eating Areas

Green Up ABV is used as a fogger or as a soak to clean and sanitize.

·        Cleaning refrigerated areas by fogging produces a germ free environment

·        Eliminates mold and fungus for 72-96 hours

·        This material is non-corrosive which protects against metal amortization and build up of corrosion in the corners of refrigerator rooms while lengthening shelf life of food stored there.

Green Up ABV used as a spray or wash

·        Used in industrial dishwashers it cleans the utensils and dishware as well as the inside of the dishwasher in the rinse cycle

·        Can be used to rinse pots and pans, utensils, stoves and ovens and other kitchen equipment.


 Cleaning Garbage, Waste, and Sewage Areas

Green Up ABV in spray form

·        Organic Waste: spraying Green Up ABV twice a week will disinfect and clean the garbage pails and prevent the growth of germs and bacteria.

·        Medical Waste: spraying or fogging the medical waste area will drastically lower the possibility of an outbreak or passage of germs to other hospital areas.

·        Sewers: these are the largest contaminating factors which provide a hothouse for the growth of infectious matter. Spraying twice a week gives an optimal solution to an effective treatment for this environmental obstacle.


·        You save by using less active cleaning and sanitizing material while receiving results which are efficient and high quality.

·        There is the benefit of the absence of being exposed to or inhaling toxins and chemicals by workers and clients who are exposed to cleaning agents while cooking, baking, frying, or refrigerating and freezing food.

·        Protecting the environment by using naturally and readily biodegradable agents.

·        Cost savings in time and easy use of product: quick cleaning saves 75% of a worker’s time to accomplish his task.

·        There is no need for soap and water after the cleaning—only a wipe. (Saves water and sewage costs)

·        Saves water during the cleaning and afterwards.

·        Lessens the effect of wear and depreciation of work surfaces like metal, plastic and rubber which chemicals products degrade, especially stainless steel.

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