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The Green Life Group is a start up company devoted to developing and marketing ecological products for home use, environmental sanitation and treatment in various industries such as food, oil and others.

The cleaning and purification products which the company produces and markets are based on green

bio-material which is friendly to the environment and to the individuals who use them.

The development, testing and adaption of these green products are done by a team consisting of Green Life Group engineers. The products are uniquely developed to handle the growing need for cleaning and sanitizing ecological materials in today’s world.
The team of engineers conduct research and development, provide technical support and instruction to answer market needs. The company’s activities include entrance to the market by understanding the needs of the clients, delivering products which are compatible to prices of existing materials, and developing new products which will gradually replace older chemical based products.

Tomato Plant

Agriculture Viruses 


Corona Viruses 

Chicken lay eggs in the chicken farm ..j

 Blood and egg residuals
  follow Green up C

Washing Hands

Hand Disinfection 

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