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Objective - to test efficiency of Green up ABV in disinfection tobamo virus on hands.

Experimental designed - Last December we collaborated with Soapy® company using Green up ABV product. Soapy® has micro disinfestation stations which provides an optimal
amount of water (taken from the atmosphere) and soap per 20 second hand washing. In order to develop the best way to disinfect viral residues on hands Dr. Aviv Dombrovsky, a plant virology research scientist ( Volcani Center  of Agricultural Research Organization in Rishon LeZion) did an experiment testing the efficiency of the combination of Green up ABV and Soapy’s machine. Dr. Dombrovsky smear Tobamovirus on hands, each hand was washed under the different treatments: Rub (control n=12) water only (n=12), plain soap (n=36) and Soapy® with Green up ABV (n=72). A computer vision interface verifies that the hand washing was done properly. Each hand was rubbed against leaf of different tomato plant. The tomato plants were grown for 45 days and infected plants in each treatment were recorded.


Absolute inactivation of the virus was found in plants smear with hands washed with the combination of Green up ABV and Soapy® machine compare to the plain soap which demonstrated only 72% of inactivation of the virus (see figure 1).

Figure 1:

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