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Green Up Drip Irrigation System

Green Up Agro D



The idea behind using drip technology systems with Green Up Agro D  is based on the principal of wet soil.

Drip irrigation systems are used two or three times with regular water and after

that is done one drip watering with Green Up Agro D.

Using this system of operation we get a larger wet area than just using a regular drip system on dry soil.

All the following drip irrigation after the initial watering is done using water with Green Up Agro D added.

The drip irrigation on wet soil with Green Up Agro D allows the plant to develop a deeper and wider root system which leads to a greater yield of produce than usual. The benefit is in the small amount of Green Up Agro D needed—one to two grams of ready to use product per plant. Thus lower cost.

Using Green Up Agro D in small amounts will increase the yield by 10% to 15%

                 For any questions or instruction please contact the company representative.

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