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The Kitchen

Washing Process


The space for preparation of food in the kitchen including frying and cooking is one of its messiest and hardest to clean areas. The level of contaminants here leads to the development of different kinds of bacteria which mainly spoils the food and makes it unhealthy to eat. Green Life Company has developed an environmental product which effectively cleans the area ,sanitizes and is not dangerous to the user. The product does not harm metals including stainless steel, does not damage plastic and does not harm rubber. Its use is simple and the results are instantaneous.


Cleaning utensils in the kitchen is the first step in the chain of cleanness in the kitchen. Clean utensils are an insurance of keeping food healthy and tasty. Green Up products give you an effective way to do this. They are used as a spray or for soaking. They do not harm metal, plastic or rubber. The products are not toxic and non-flammable. They are user friendly and do not contaminate drains.

Drains in the kitchen provide a hotbed for bacterial growth including varieties such as salmonella, listeria and others. Without the correct treatment germs multiply and disperse quickly producing disagreeable odors. These germs can cause food poisoning and damage to employees and to those who eat the spoiled food. Use of Green Up products for cleaning and sanitizing drains in the kitchen and surrounding areas can solve the problem immediately by dissolving the grease, disinfecting and getting rid of the unctuous odors. Use of these products is simple and effective since they are sprays. Used daily they do the job and are not dangerous to the user or the environment.

Refrigeration Facilities

  Kitchen Drains

Cleaning Kitchen Utensils

Washing Room

The washing room is the last stage in the kitchen cleaning. Here all the filth is concentrated—kitchen utensils, serving trays, kitchen equipment such as trolleys and cutting boards and eating utensils. Everything is rinsed, washed and made ready for reuse as clean and sanitized articles. The Green Up product used here is easy for use, quick, user friendly and environmentally safe. It is inexpensive as well as being very efficient.

Regularly scheduled antibacterial cleaning and sanitation for the  kitchen including the equipment and storage areas is the basis for  convenience and efficiency at work as well as a guarantee of preserving the quality of the food.

Green Life Group has developed a series of products for the kitchen which are powerful, non-chlorinated and water based. 

They are  strong sanitizers and cleaners which are  non-tainting, free rinsing and streak free, They prevent salmonella ,listeria and other bacteria.



Refrigeration rooms are crucial for the correct storage of meat, fish, milk and other products up until its use. It’s very important to have a strict standard of cleanness to prevent bacterial development which contaminates the food stored there. Green Life products provide effective cleaning and disinfecting in the refrigerated rooms which does not cause corrosion, is not toxic, and is not dangerous to the user or the environment.

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