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HEC - Heat Exchanger Cleaner



A safe cleaner which is powerful and biodegradable. 

GREEN UP HEC is a powerful non chlorinated cleaner for the cleaning of metallic surfaces specifically for heat transfer systems. It does not damage rubber, plastic, metal or stainless steel surfaces
GREEN UP HEC has been proven to be a versatile cleaning agent, water based degreaser and oil dispersant in factory and workshop situations where a fast drying solvent cleaner is required.
GREEN UP HEC is made from renewable raw materials–glucose derived from corn and fatty alcohols from coconut and palm kernel oils mixed with natural silicates. 

This product is very mild, low in toxicity and readily biodegradable



Green Up HEC is not poisonous or flammable. It disinfects and very effectively dissolves oils and cleans greasy dirty surfaces.

It has a pleasant odor and does not affect breathing passages. It is not corrosive, does not damage plastic, metal, marble, formica, or tile.

It cleans stainless steel and aluminum surfaces.


HEC Cleaner has been specially formulated to remove oil, grease and general workshop grime from metal surfaces. 

This product may also be used as a general workshop degreasing and cleaning agent or where a fast drying solvent cleaner is required.


Summary of Benefits

  • Excellent cleaning action

  • Non flammable

  • Final stage clean up of oil pollution and oil spills

  • Machinery cleaning

  • Does not harm the environment

  • Can be applied in wet areas

  • Can be diluted with water

  • Does not discharge toxic gas or have a synthetic solvent  smell

  • Does not risk the breathing airways

  • Not Dangerous  for the people  

  • Not  harm   the enviroment  


Directions for use

HEC is a cold, ready-to-use product. Do not mix or dilute with any other substance. 



1.  Isolate the oil supply, disconnect the heat exchanger oil inlet and outlet drain off any remaining oil.

2.  Connect the discharge side of cleaning unit (CU) to the lower heat exchanger connection and fit the return to the CU.

3.  Add HEC to the drum and heat, maintaining the temperature (max 75°C) throughout the cleaning operation for 8-10 hours.

If heating is not available circulate for 24 hours.

When the cleaning is complete, disconnect the lower heat exchanger connection and drain.

4.  Connect a high pressure fresh water supply to the upper heat exchanger connection.

Rinse until water runs clear.

5.  Disconnect, drain and dry.



This method is intended for cleaning heat exchangers in direct bathing.

The advantage of this method, there is an external cleaning and internal cleaning of the heat exchanger at the same time

It is important to complete coverage of the heat exchanger with   GREEN UP HEC

Leave the heat exchanger for 4-5 hours in the bath, the length of time depends on the amount of dirt.  If it is possible to perform

a fluid recirculation in the bath, that will significantly improve the level of cleanup and shorten the soaking time in half.

After completion of the soacing process    in the bath, Rinse the heat exchanger with high-pressure water for the final cleaning.

Product life in the bath can stay around 20-30 days and more. It is necessary to drain the dirt at the bottom of the bath once a week.

The amount of dirt to be evacuated can be added to crude oil.

Topping up is by adding a ready product after checking the level and concentration.


This product is for external use only. Not to be swallowed. If swallowed, drink a large amount of water or milk and seek medical attention. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of eye contact rinse with large amounts of water.
Keep this cleaning product away from children.
Keep the container closed and do not expose to extreme temperatures.


Physical Properties 

Appearance                                            Clear colorless  liquid
Density                                                    1.06

Flash Point                                               None 

Solubility in water                                    Immiscible

Colour                                                     Pale Colored

Odour                                                      Barely perceptible odor

Flammability                                            None

Flammable Boiling Temperature/range   >100 C


This is a cleaning product which is water based and includes a mixture of active enzymes which dissolve oils, grease and dirt.

These components are based on coconut, pineapple, and citrus extracts.
None of the components is animal based and no animal testing is done on Green Up products

All the components decompose in nature and fit the definition of biodegradable.


Pack Sizes

18 liter, 205 liter barrels, 1000 liter canister


Health and Safety

For full Health and Safety data please refer to our specific MSDS Sheet.


Shelf Life 

 3 Years from date of manufacture

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