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Cowshed Disinfection and


Udder Cleaning

 Hoof Cleaning

Systematic cleaning of the cowshed has a big impact on the health of cows and calves, especially where cows are fed. Use of  Green Up Cowshed Antibacterial products as a cleaner and disinfector will significantly reduce the danger of transfering diseases between the cows.

The level of infection the in milking process   is very high.Therefore antibacterial sanitizing of this operation is critical. Use of Green Up Vacuum Antibacterial products provides the users with the answer to this problem. They do not damage rubber, plastic, metal or stainless steel surfaces. The products protect the milking equipment and aren't dangerous to the user, the cows or the environment.

  Cowshed  Cleaning

 Calves' Care

Cleaning the Vacuum  Process

Milk Equipment

The regularly scheduled cleaning and sanitation level of the cowshed, the milking equipment, and the milk storage tanks is the  basis for success in the dairy industry. Green Life  Group has developed a series of products for dairy procedures.  Our products are  powerful non-chlorinated  and water based with a strong sanitizer  and milk cleaner,The products are non-tainting, free rinsing, and streak free cleaners for milk environments where the sterilisation of surfaces is required. 



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