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New Generation of Ecological Cleaning 


Welcome to Green Life Group Site. This site will help you become acquainted with our operations, know the products we produce  and match them to your demands and needs. We develop and manufacture ecological cleaning products and disinfectants for household, institutional, agricultural and industrial use. What comes from nature goes back to nature.
  This site contains information on products and safety pages (MSDS). 
The Green Up Products  series replaces all products that are based on toxic chemicals
and  pollutants.  The Green Life Group strives to preserve and protect the environment and human
health for future safety and a better life. 
The company's engineering team will assist in providing answers, solutions and recommendations for use.
  For questions and suggestions for the Green Life Group company use Contact Us.

Caprese Salad

 Company Commitment

Green Life Group's commitment is to be the developer and concept leader of GEL- Green Environment Life.
It is clear that in an industrial world which is changing and developing we must take responsibility to lead towards the usage of biodegradable products which will protect both us and the environment. Green Life Group is targeted to be a leader and active developer of a green environment. The Green Up Group formulates and produces products which will lead to better and healthier lives for us all. 

Green Life Group

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