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Corporate Presentation


About Us

Sadé-Tech S.A de C.V. is an Israeli origin Company based in Mexico City among his strategic business objectives seeks:
Offer locally and internationally innovative solutions that allow optimization in the productivity and profits of our customers through the design, development and execution of full projects
(Key on hand) in the fields of: Agriculture, Rural Development, Food Industry, Aquaculture, Natural Resources Management as well as in the design and exclusive distribution of 100% natural products line biodegradable for professional disinfection and sanitization applicable for diverse productive cycles of an Organization.
Based on Israeli expertise, academic, technical and professional support from our senior specialist and accompanied by high-tech resources, we successfully execute projects in Israel, Mexico, China and diverse countries of the African Continent.


In Mexico, Sadé Tech S.A de C.V actively participates with the Israeli Embassy and his Commercial and Trade Office in the attention of diverse projects from the Government (Federal and States levels) as well in the Private Sector.

Key Processes

We provide Strategic Advisory plans on field and in the office to support in increasing the production levels as well the timely detection and adequate approach to new needs and / or problems.
We provide Technical Support Plans with the highest academic level and field experience addressed to customers who require an follow up detailed monitoring of their production and process plans.
We have diverse strategic commercial alliances with Israeli Companies through which we strengthen our scope and response capabilities.
Sadé Tech S.A de C.V specializes in offering holistic solutions to attend a full satisfaction the requirements and needs of each of our customers.

Action Fields


Natural Resources




Animal Science.





Soil and Water

Educational Center.




Disinfection and

Food Industry.

Full Projects.


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About the Ecological and Natural Disinfection and
Sanitization Products GREEN UP

Green Life Group is an Israeli Startup Company dedicated to the development of GREEN UP ecological products which are suitable for us in the food industry and the productive cycles of an Entity, Government or Company and comply with Israeli, British and European Community Market Standards.


The products are made from renewable raw materials, glucose derived from corn and coconut fatty alcohols and palm oils with natural silicates; Due to their natural chemistry, the products are a powerful, water-based disinfectant cleaner and degreaser that contain a powerful bactericide which is highly effective against a wide range of microorganism including Gram positive / negative bacteria, food related pathogenic bacteria yeast and fungi.

Our products designed provide a low cost and highly effective solution to the disinfection and sanitization needs, all the products are ecological, biodegradable, easy to use, friendly and safe with the users, consumers and the environment.

About the Antibacterial and Antiviral (ABV) Product

The product is ready to use either a through a fogging process as well as liquid in bottles presentation, contains an amphoteric biocide, its activity has been evaluated according to BS:6471 using E.Coli, Salmonela y Listeria as test organisms, it has been shown to be effective against diverse viruses.

ABV is a water-based disinfectant which contains a strong and
effective bactericide, this product have a multiversity of functions and
scopes where it maintains its same levels of effectiveness.


Level of Effectiveness – Unique in the World.

In December 2019, the Agricultural Research Organization of the Volcani Center of Israel developed a diverse studies and scientific tests to verify if GREEN UP product could eliminate tobamovirus, which is a more resistant microorganism than coronavirus through its application in handwashing.

From 72 samples made, the effectiveness of the products was verified in 100%. Diverse global media recently published the results.

GREEN UP 100% Natural and Active Ingredients


International Certifications

GREEN UP Products

iISO 9001: 2008 granted by The Standars Institution of Israel
(Applicable for Products Manufacture and Distribution).

ISO 9001: 2004 granted by The Standars Institution of Israel
(Applicable for Products Manufacture and Distribution).


Main Customers

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Contact Information


Phones: 55-59-06-29-87 / (+5255) 62-67-21-50



Headquarters: Campos Eliseo's 385 Mz Torre A, Polanco, Mexico City.

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