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Protective Treatment for Nurseries with Green Up Products

The Nursery

The nursery is a place for growing plants not in the ground but in containers. The nursery grows plants from seeds for use in agriculture and horticulture and as flowers, ornamentals and herbs. All these are marketed to greenhouses, farmers and those interested in selling or growing plants.

With the advent of agro technology and the advancement of new ways of developing plants a new technological way of mass production has come into being. These new ideas have brought about growing plants in different conditions and different environments.

The growth of a seedling from a seed is done by planting a seed in one part of a planting tray filled with potting soil that will temporarily be its base for growing. The tray is moved to a sprouting room where the seeds begin to sprout after a few days. This is the stage when various kind of pests can harm the growing sprout.



The treatment in the nursery is the same as the treatment in the greenhouse with some differences



Green Up D – nursery structure disinfection.

Green Up Agro D – potting soil disinfection.

Green Up F&V – plant protection.

Treatments in the Order of Application

Nursery Disinfection

The nursery is thoroughly sprayed with 50% Green Up D in water. After 2 hours the nursery is rinsed with water and after drying it is sprayed again as above. Additional treatments can be applied immediately after drying.

Potting Soil & Sprouting Containers Disinfection

This treatment is aimed to control the biotic factors that might damage the seedlings such as fungi, insects, microorganisms and viruses. The sprouting container should be sprayed with 3% Green Up Agro D in water.

The potting soil is treated with about  of 5% Green Up Agro D in water which is applied to the potting soil by spray or watering. Planting can be performed 24 hours after the treatment.

During growth it is recommended to add 2% Green Up D to the irrigation water. This treatment provides a continuous protection to the root system of the seedlings.

Plant Protection

Plant protection is performed by a timer-controlled fogger, either stationary or mobile. The fogging is performed with a solution of 10% Green Up F&V in water at a quantity of 0.1-1 liter per 100 m3 of the greenhouse space. The quantity is contingent on the greenhouse pollution level. The total volume of the fogging solution is determined according to volume of the space. The application dates of the fogging are determined according to the results obtained. Our basic recommendations are to apply the fogging twice a week. The fogging preparation can be stored for 2 months (Ready for Use). In any case it is not recommended to apply the fogging for a duration beyond 2 months.

The Green Up preparations are not toxic to men or plants and they are not corrosive nor residual. The workers who stay in the nursery during fogging are required to wear protective clothes, protective glasses and respiratory face masks.

Treatment of the Working Equipment in the Nursery

All the working equipment such as pruning shears, knives, and gloves which are being used in the nursery need to be disinfected by dipping in a solution of 20% Green Up F&V in water.

Treatment for Entering the Nursery

Before entering the greenhouse it is required to dip the shoes in a solution containing 20% Green Up F&V in water.

Appropriate work clothes, protective glasses and face masks are advised.

For any questions or instruction please contact the company representative.

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