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Green Up Fruit and Vegetable Industrial


 Fruits and vegetables constitute a sizeable part of our food and dietary needs. The biggest enemy of fruit and vegetable

is decay. Decay is the process in which biological microorganisms such as bacteria and microscopic fungi decompose the food.

Green Up Fruit and Vegetable Industrial cleans and disinfects fruits and vegetables and eliminates bacteria and microscopic fungi.

Treatment with Green Up F & V Industrial lengthens the shelf lives of these products.

This product is not poisonous and does not emit poisonous gases and the synthetic smell of chemical cleaners.

This product destroys a wide range of bacteria, microorganisms and fungi.



 It is not poisonous.

 It does not endanger the respiratory tracts of the user or hands.

 It is incombustible.

 It is based on natural components.

 It does not require special precautions from the user.

 It decomposes naturally and is biodegradable.

 It is not corrosive and does not causes damage to equipment.

 Green Up Fruit and Vegetable Industrial is excellent in dissolving, detaching and removing fats and fatty acids.

 It eliminates bad smells of rotten material and fermentation from garbage cans.    

 Does not leave marks on skin or hands                                                                                                                                                          It is non-toxic, not flammable, non-ionic.                                                                                                                                                        Does not contain carbon solvents or caustic soda.                                                                                                                                         Does not damage surfaces, including stainless steel.                                                                                                                                   Does not leave a greasy or sticky layer on the surface and is not slippery.                                                                                                   Does not  stain.

 Works on wet surfaces.                                                                                                                                                                                   Can   Can be diluted if needed.​



  • Factory floor and wall cleaning

  • Final stage clean up of oil pollution and oil spills

  • Printing industry cleaning

  • Cleaning water equipment 

  • Car cleaning

  • Lorry chassis cleaning

  • Lorry curtain side cleaning

  • Machinery cleaning

  • Garage floor and pit cleaning

  • Transportation cleaning--Bus,Train,Tram.

  • Cleaning public transport seat upholstery.

  • Aviation multipurpose cleaning

  • General cleaning at home

  • Plastic Industry



Directives and instructions 

 Green Up   fruits and vegetables is concentrate material

 Not to add, to the diluted and/or to mix with any material except water 

 Green Up fruits and vegetables can be diluted   at 7 to 10 percent with water

 Wash the vegetable or fruit for a few minutes.

 Rinse in clean water. The fruit and vegetables are ready for use or to be stored.

 The product is also suitable for use in automatic foam spray units.

 Not to heat and not to work on very warmish surfaces.

 To dunk the fruit or the vegetable during few minutes in the mixture which was prepared

 To rinse in the clean water and fruit either vegetable are ready to the use or to the storage.


  No danger to persons using this product by inhaling toxic fumes or toxic chemicals.
  Use of a small amount of material to clean a large area since it's a very effective cleaner.
  Less time is needed to clean with this product.
  Non flammable.
  No solvent smell.
  Can be diluted with water.
  Can be applied in wet areas.
  Can be immediately re-applied to badly soiled areas.

  The product is not corrosive, contains rust-prevention components. Anti rust.

  Regular use of this product will lessen the amount of material needed for cleaning and sanitizing.


This product is for external use only. Not to be swallowed. If swallowed, drink a large amount of water or milk and seek medical

attention. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of eye contact rinse with large amounts of water.
Keep this cleaning product away from children.
Keep the container closed and do not expose to extreme temperatures.



This is a cleaning product which is water based and includes a mixture of active enzymes which dissolve oils, grease and dirt.

These components are based on coconut, pineapple, and citrus extracts.
None of the components is animal based and no animal testing is done on Green Up products

All the components decompose in nature and fit the definition of biodegradable.


Physical Properties


 Appearance                                             Clear colorless liquid
 Density                                                    1.06

 Flash Point                                               None 

 Solubility in water                                    Immiscible

 Color                                                        Pale Colored

 Odor                                                         Barely perceptible odor

 Density                                                    1.06

 Flash Point                                               None

 Flammability                                            None

 Flammable Boiling Temperature/range   >100 C

 Solubility in water                                   Immiscible 


Pack Sizes 

0.750 liter,18 liters and 205 liter barrels

Shelf Life   

2 Years from date of manufacture 


Health and Safety

For full Health and Safety data please refer to our specific MSDS Sheet, which is available on Product list










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