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 Green Up Transportation Series Products

Green Up  products for transportation are environmental, ecological, water-based cleaning and disinfecting products which provide the answer to sanitation and cleaning of oil, fuel and other issues in the transport industry. The products are user-friendly, not dangerous for people and do not harm the environment.




The subway is an urban transport system which is known for its extensive use in cities. Since it is so widely used by so many people in close contact there is always the possibility of germs and viruses spreading. This makes keeping the train coaches and waiting platforms clean and disinfected an utmost priority to public health. Green Life Group Company has developed effective solutions to keeping these areas clean and sanitized. Green Up products are not poisonous, do not pollute or harm the environment. They are not dangerous to use, don’t damage equipment and are safe for those riding the subway.

Food Transportation

Refrigeration of freight is critical in hot climates and therefore refrigerated transportation has great importance.

Refrigerated transportation which doesn’t meet the standards of temperature or cleanness can cause damage to the food which in turn is a health hazard for customers Green Up products give  a perfect response to  questions of cleaning, disinfecting and protecting the refrigeration unit of the transport. 

 Garbage collection trucks

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